About Venture – The Business Channel

Venture Business Intelligence Channel is a multi-media business channel with an off and online presence geared toward Jordan’s forward-thinking and creative agents of change. In keeping readers abreast of the latest news and trends in business, Venture sets the standard for groundbreaking reporting and analysis in Jordan and abroad.

The channel delivers the insider’s views on business and industry, as well as competitive news to help readers advance their careers and increase income, manage change, and invest more profitably. The channel also covers new technological trends in different sectors such as financial, health, hospitality, marketing, etc.

Venture follows a strict unbiased editorial and reporting policy that gives ample space to imperatives that affect the public and influence the welfare of the Jordanian economy. The channels’ reporting through its off and online presence is not limited to big-business and economic matters; it sufficiently covers entrepreneurial efforts and up-and-coming smaller players, freelancers, and a variety of different ventures.

Venture’s printing quality is much higher than average. The magazine’s visual content policy is to use images of the highest resolution and illustrations that are witty and engaging. Venture follows an information-design approach to layout, as well as a well-balanced white space ratio.

Venture targets audiences with a keen interest in business and economic matters. A good percentage of its readership is in key managerial positions, including young upwardly-mobile urban professionals. The channel appeals as well to professional women, who are a growing segment in the Jordanian workplace. The channel has also gained the interest of Jordan’s government sector, as it gives them an overview of economic, social and legal trends in the market.

Venture maintains a strict and reliable distribution system for its offline presence. Venture magazine can be purchased from several specifically selected venues found accessible in commercially populated areas located in Jordan’s capital, Amman. Also the magazine maintains a selective complimentary distribution network, reserved for Jordan’s leaders and key business people, investors, company management, and corporate staff.