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Jordan Targets Small Business Growth

A national drive to boost support for Jordan’s SMEs is gaining pace, spearheaded by increased access to finance and plans to garner a more business-friendly operating environment. In June the World Bank and the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) announced…

Hala Zawati, CEO of the Jordan Strategy Forum

Jordan Strategy Forum: Working for Business

Five years since its creation, the Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) is still advocating hard for Jordan’s business community. By Dina Al-Wakeel Established in the wake of the Arab Spring, the Jordan Strategy Forum helps the private sector engage in dialogue…

Jordan Moves to Kick-Start Growth and Pare Back Debt

Jordan Moves to Kick-Start Growth and Pare Back Debt

The government is looking to reduce its debt burden and jumpstart the economy through a combination of budgetary adjustments, a new medium-term economic strategy, and international aid agreements. In mid-May, the Cabinet announced its decision to cut this year’s JD8.8…

Merza Hussain Hasan, Regional Head of World Bank

Strong Support

The regional head of the World Bank says his organization stands ready to help Jordan meet its potential. As well as Jordan, Merza Hussain Hasan oversees World Bank projects in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, the Maldives, Oman, Qatar,…

Jordan Green Growth

Green Growth: Reversing Jordan’s Economic Slump

Last month, World Bank’s Spring 2017 issue of the Jordan Economic Monitor was released in the height of high unemployment and slow economic performance in the Kingdom. The Jordan Economic Monitor, a product of the World Bank’s Global Practice for Macroeconomics…


IFC Invests $45 Million in MS Pharma

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank, is making a $45 million equity investment in Jordan’s MS Pharma. “We believe that supporting leading companies such as MS Pharma will not only improve access to…

The World Economic Forum (WEF)

The WEF Spotlights Startups

The World Economic Forum rolls into town this month with the aim of recognizing the region’s most promising startups. American research and advisory firm Gartner has called it the “Nexus of Forces,” which is when social, mobile, cloud and information…

Minister of Finance Omar Malhas on Jordan's Economy in 2017

The Economy in 2017

Jordan’s Finance Minister, Omar Malhas, says the country will have to make some tough economic choices in 2017. By Dina Al Wakeel Jordan’s public debt now stands at almost 95 percent of GDP, and unemployment is running at around 16…

A Statesman Speaks

Marwan Muasher isn’t waiting for change to be instigated from the top. He’s building a constituency on the ground that will push for it. By Abdul-Wahab Kayyali To Jordanians of all stripes, Marwan Muasher hardly needs an introduction. The former…


Venture at 10: Kristina Kostial

Kristina Kostial, Former International Monetary Fund Mission Chief for Jordan Date of Interview: August 2015 To overcome persistent economic shocks, in 2012 Jordan successfully sought out a loan from the IMF in return for introducing a series of tough economic reforms….