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economic challenges

Brand New Parliament, Same Old Challenges

When they’re sworn in later this month, Jordan’s newly-elected parliamentarians will face the same economic problems that bedeviled their predecessors. By Khalid W. Wazani By the end of this month a new parliament will be starting a new chapter in…

economic challenges

The Next Budget

With its 2017 budget, the government has a golden opportunity to break with the past and present us with a more studied and transparent roadmap for our immediate economic future. The government is no doubt busy preparing its budget for…

jobs wanted

Job Growth Down 26 Percent in H1 2015

Seventeen thousand jobs were created in Jordan in the first half of 2015, a fall of 26 percent on the same period the previous year. The Department of Statistics said the private sector added nearly 10,000 new jobs during that…

economic challenges

Cutting the IMF Chord

Having just signed up to yet another IMF assistance program, isn’t it about time we began relying less on the international lender and more on our own government to tackle deep-rooted economic problems? It took Jordan almost 16 years to…

Providing SMEs with finance

Facilitating Finance

Jordan is intensifying efforts to provide support for startups and SMEs by easing access to financing. Despite some continued obstacles to obtaining conventional bank finance, rising public and private investment in tech companies is contributing to a growing optimistic outlook…

economic challenges

Please, No More Stop-Gap Governments

If we are about to get another government sworn in, let’s at least have it filled with genuinely reform-minded experts who can tackle the long-ignored challenges facing our economy. By Khalid W. Wazani By the time this article sees the…

Venture Explains: Universal Basic Income

What is it? The idea that everyone in society receives a basic income, regardless if they’re working or not. The unorthodox concept has been bandied about on the left and right for years as a way of ensuring that people’s…

economic challenges

Setting Priorities

While it appears unenthused about taking the simple steps needed to create a sovereign investment fund, the government has been more than happy to burn through foreign aid and rack up debt with little or nothing to show for it….


Making the Pledges Count

Jordan was thrown a lifeline at February’s international donor conference for Syrian refugees. But for the billions of dollars pledged to make a lasting impact, they must be spent on genuine long-term economic development. By Osama Al Sharif We could all…

The London Conference for Syrian Refugees

Rethinking Relief

As part of efforts to make the Syrian refugee response more sustainable, the WANA Institute is throwing its weight behind a plan that promises to create thousands of jobs for Syrians and help develop Jordan’s economy at the same time. …