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Professional Associations Strike Against Changes to Income Tax Law

Thousands from thirty-three associations and unions took part in a strike against the proposed modifications to the income tax law today. The main associations who joined the strike include doctors, engineers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, and pharmacists who reject the draft law….

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No Rule of Law, No FDI

Without striving for an independent and transparent legal system, Jordan will struggle to attract desperately needed FDI. “We cannot achieve sustainable development, empower our creative youth or successfully execute our development plans unless we develop state administration and enhance the…

Pella Pharmaceuticals CEO Abeer Obeidat

Pella Pharmaceutical: Branching Out

After finding success locally, Jordanian skincare company Pella Pharmaceuticals is now aiming to expand further into foreign markets with its Derma product line. By Rebecca Irvine The pharmaceutical industry in Jordan is a strong one. You only need to look…

Agriculture Primed for Turnaround

Jordanian farmers are set to benefit from new export routes and a drive to incorporate thousands of Syrian refugees into the domestic workforce. Oxford Business Group Despite high domestic production, food exports continue to be hampered by the closure of…

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Making the Pledges Count

Jordan was thrown a lifeline at February’s international donor conference for Syrian refugees. But for the billions of dollars pledged to make a lasting impact, they must be spent on genuine long-term economic development. By Osama Al Sharif We could all…

Aqaba Container Terminal (Act) CEO Jeppe Jensen

ACT’s Jeppe Jensen: Harboring Ambitions

Aqaba Container Terminal’s CEO says his company is working hard to support Jordan’s industries and develop Aqaba into the most sustainable gateway into the Levant. By Venture Staff Over the past decade ACT has grown to become a state-of-the-art mainliner…

The London Conference for Syrian Refugees

Rethinking Relief

As part of efforts to make the Syrian refugee response more sustainable, the WANA Institute is throwing its weight behind a plan that promises to create thousands of jobs for Syrians and help develop Jordan’s economy at the same time. …


Venture Explains: The Automation Job Threat

What is it? Just like the Luddites, the nineteenth century English textile workers who decided to smash the weaving machines putting them out of a job, more and more workers today are fearful that great leaps in automation and robotics…

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Let’s Capitalize on Cheap Oil

We could just sit on the huge savings we’re making from plunging oil prices. Or we could plough them into developing renewable energy sources that reduce our reliance on expensive and polluting fossil fuels. A quick calculation of the savings…


Upbeat Outlook for Jordan’s Economy

The Kingdom’s economy performed well last year despite regional unrest, and its upward trajectory looks set to continue in 2016. Steady reform and targeted growth bolstered investor confidence in Jordan’s economy in 2015, as weaker oil prices helped support a…