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The Next Budget

With its 2017 budget, the government has a golden opportunity to break with the past and present us with a more studied and transparent roadmap for our immediate economic future. The government is no doubt busy preparing its budget for…

The Future of the FTA

Washington’s chief economic diplomat in Amman believes the 2000 Free Trade Agreement can be expanded to offer even more support to Jordanian companies. By Dina Al-Wakeel The United States is easily one of Jordan’s most important economic partners. At the…

Jordan Kuwait Bank: The Road Ahead

In an exclusive one-on-one, Jordan Kuwait Bank Chairman Abdul Karim Kabariti outlines his bank’s strengths and weaknesses, and explains how he plans to take the Kingdom’s third largest lender to the next level. By Dina Al-Wakeel Under the 20-year stewardship…


Cutting the IMF Chord

Having just signed up to yet another IMF assistance program, isn’t it about time we began relying less on the international lender and more on our own government to tackle deep-rooted economic problems? It took Jordan almost 16 years to…


Please, No More Stop-Gap Governments

If we are about to get another government sworn in, let’s at least have it filled with genuinely reform-minded experts who can tackle the long-ignored challenges facing our economy. By Khalid W. Wazani By the time this article sees the…


Venture at 10: Kristina Kostial

Kristina Kostial, Former International Monetary Fund Mission Chief for Jordan Date of Interview: August 2015 To overcome persistent economic shocks, in 2012 Jordan successfully sought out a loan from the IMF in return for introducing a series of tough economic reforms….


Setting Priorities

While it appears unenthused about taking the simple steps needed to create a sovereign investment fund, the government has been more than happy to burn through foreign aid and rack up debt with little or nothing to show for it….

Minister of Finance Omar Malhas at the Euromoney Conference

Jordan to Begin Talks With IMF on $700-$800 Million EFF

Jordan is expected to begin talks with the IMF this month to try to secure an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) with the international lender worth between $700 and $800 million. The talks come after Jordan successfully completed a three-year, $2…

The World Bank

Jordan GDP to Hit 3 Percent in 2016 – World Bank

The World Bank said Jordan’s GDP should reach 3 percent in 2016, up from 2.4 percent in 2015, which was the slowest pace of growth in four years. In its latest MENA Economic Report, the bank said the rise in…


Perhaps the Sky isn’t Falling

A rational evaluation of the state of the global economy is needed to counter the effect of the doom and gloom merchants causing jitters in markets. By Khalid W. Wazani Although in economic theory, prices are the main determinant of…