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Renewable Energy

Green Investment Growth

Regulatory reforms introduced last year should soon begin attracting investors to help carry out large, state-led projects, particularly in the field of renewable energy. The Regulation for Organizing Non-Jordanian Investments No. 77, passed in June, eased capital requirements and other…

economic challenges

Playing the Long Game

If we want our economy to prosper, we need to start planning for the long-term.


Decentralizing Transport

With local elections taking place this summer, it’s important to consider transport planning in the context of Jordan’s ambitious decentralization efforts. As Jordan’s decentralization program moves forward, the Kingdom is slated to hold municipal and governorate council elections on August…

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The Gender Gap

Despite all the initiatives and grand plans of recent years, the number of women in tech is falling. The global percentage of women working in technology-related professions is actually lower today than it was two years ago. It’s quite disappointing…

economic challenges

Throwing Good Money After Bad

The IMF continues to provide Jordan with huge loans. But it will be for nothing if the country doesn’t face up to the real problems holding its economy back. Around four years ago, Jordan signed up to a long overdue…


Lifting the Breaks on Big Data

There’s a wealth of data available that could help vastly improve traffic management in our cities. We just need to put it to use. Between 2008 and 2010, GAM carried out an extensive household survey covering a representative sample of…

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Deaths of Despair

Jordan’s shocking suicide rate is a sign of a society in crisis. By Osama Al Sharif Between 2011 and 2016, Jordan’s suicide rates rose 300 percent. During last year alone, 117 people took their own lives: 91 men and 26…

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AI: Speaking Up

All the big names in tech are betting big on AI voice assistants. But who will come out on top? By Zeid Nasser Thanks to the early success of household devices like Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo, and the higher than expected…

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Don’t Muzzle Social Media

Offensive comments made on Facebook shouldn’t be used as an excuse to expand government control of free speech. By Osama Al Sharif The government has announced it will present a draft social media law to the Lower House that aims…