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Providing SMEs with finance

Facilitating Finance

Jordan is intensifying efforts to provide support for startups and SMEs by easing access to financing. Despite some continued obstacles to obtaining conventional bank finance, rising public and private investment in tech companies is contributing to a growing optimistic outlook…

refugee crisis

Please, No More Stop-Gap Governments

If we are about to get another government sworn in, let’s at least have it filled with genuinely reform-minded experts who can tackle the long-ignored challenges facing our economy. By Khalid W. Wazani By the time this article sees the…

Internet Phone calls

No Charges for Internet Phone Calls – TRC

Jordanians won’t be charged for making phone calls via apps like Skype and WhatsApp, the Kingdom’s telecoms watchdog said. The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) said the decision not to impose a levy on Internet calls came after TRC officials met…

Uber app

Uber Trials Cash Payments in Amman

Uber said it recently began trialing cash payments for rides in Amman in an effort to expand in a market where credit card usage still stands at mere 1.5 percent. “Given the credit card penetration in Amman, launching cash really…

Stick to the Fundamentals

Gauging the potential success of a startup can be tricky for any investor. But at the end of the day, a company’s fundamentals remain a reliable guide. Equity usually brings returns in mainly two ways: profit (dividends) and capital gains….

smart city

Light Speed Internet

Cast off those buffering blues, household light bulbs could soon be used to transmit Internet speeds that are 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. Li-Fi, which is short for light fidelity, is a mind-bending bit of technology that is widely…


Jordanians Yet to Embrace Online Banking – Report

The use of electronic and mobile banking channels amongst Jordanians remains low for payment services, according to a new report from the Arab Advisors Group. While online banking was used by 14.6 percent of respondents who have a bank account,…


A Long-Needed Law

A sweeping new law is finally about to come into force should give public transportation in Jordan a big boost. By Hazem Zureiqat After three years of gathering dust in parliament, a new law that governs passenger transport in Jordan…

Aviation Sector in Jordan

Aviation Sector Aims for New Heights

Increasing capacity in Jordan’s aviation sector could hold the key to growing the tourism sector and improving inter-regional connectivity over the next five years. Annual passenger traffic through Jordan is expected to double to more than 15 million by 2034,…