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refugee crisis

Playing the Long Game

If we want our economy to prosper, we need to start planning for the long-term.

refugee crisis

Throwing Good Money After Bad

The IMF continues to provide Jordan with huge loans. But it will be for nothing if the country doesn’t face up to the real problems holding its economy back. Around four years ago, Jordan signed up to a long overdue…

refugee crisis

How to Really Aid Our Development

Rather than asking for more aid to keep a lid on the government’s self-inflicted budget deficit, we should be encouraging foreign governments to invest in economically viable infrastructure projects. Jordan has always been a well-deserved recipient of foreign aid. Having…

refugee crisis

Trust in Trumponomics

Ignore the naysayers—Donald Trump’s economic plans will be good for the United States, Jordan, and the rest of the world. Say what you like about the man himself, but Donald Trump is moving into the White House with some progressive…

refugee crisis

Towards a Steady but Unspectacular 2017

While it’s unrealistic to expect fireworks from Jordan’s economy in 2017, boosting capital investment and launching more PPP projects should help achieve respectable levels of growth. After almost six years of stagnation, the global economic outlook for 2017 still looks…

refugee crisis

No Rule of Law, No FDI

Without striving for an independent and transparent legal system, Jordan will struggle to attract desperately needed FDI. “We cannot achieve sustainable development, empower our creative youth or successfully execute our development plans unless we develop state administration and enhance the…

refugee crisis

Empowering the Regions

All of Jordan’s governorates, not just Amman and Aqaba, hold huge economic potential. The challenge facing us is how to unleash it. By Khalid Wazani How bad is income inequality in Jordan? Is it fair to say its economy is…

Jordan's new exchange

Jordan Looks to Reinvigorate Trading With a New Exchange

Jordan has launched a new over-the-counter (OTC) exchange as part of a series of initiatives to boost the competitiveness of the Kingdom’s capital markets. Jordan’s new OTC exchange is a by-product of two sets of regulations enacted earlier this year—the…

New Trade Deal to Boost Exports to EU

Jordanian exports to Europe are expected to rise following a newly-inked deal that relaxes rules of origin requirements. A new trade agreement between Jordan and the EU, which is based around relaxed rules of origin rules, will enable industries in…