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Swiss brands

Most Valuable Swiss Brands

From world-renowned confectionery, watchmaking and financial services, to engineering brands, the Swiss economy demonstrates diversity and excellence, according to Brand Finance’s annual report on the most valuable Swiss brands. Luckily, some of them are present in Jordan. Nestlé Nestlé Group…

Loan guarantee

The Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation: Loaning to the Little Guy

SMEs in Jordan have long been held back by a lack of access to finance. The Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation is working to change this. By: Dina Al-Wakeel A public shareholding company that was created in 1994, the Jordan Loan…


Engaging Entrepreneurs

A leading Arab American businesswomen is eager to set Jordanian entrepreneurs and startups on the path to growth. By Nada Atieh Juman Doleh-Alomary, the head of IT auditing at Wayne State University in Detroit, led a session on designing business…


Jamalon: Doing Things by the Book

Jamalon began as a family-driven operation in 2010 but has become a leading distribution line for publishers in the region and an online marketplace for thousands of Arabic and English books. By: Nada Atieh Like many entrepreneurial success stories, Jamalon…


Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

The chairman of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) reflects back on the important work of Jordan’s leading conservation body. By Nada Atieh The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature is the authority for biodiversity in…


French Companies Dominating the Global Market

With almost $2 billion invested in Jordan’s economy, French giants like Orange and Total continue to play a crucial role in tnations, growth. French investments can be found in virtually all sectors in Jordan, from aviation to telecoms, to energy…


Relief and Development: Ending the Zero-Sum Myth

Is it possible to economically empower both Jordanians and Syrian refugees? Two leading relief agencies believe so. By Brian E. Frydenborg Sadly, as 2018 opened, the world looked on yet another consecutive year of record displacement, with a staggering 68.5…


Making the Deal Work

A senior EU official believes Jordan still hasn’t fully taken advantage of the relaxed rules of origin deal it signed with world’s largest trading bloc. In 2015, Jordan suggested a specific mechanism that would help it navigate through the difficult…

fake news

Fighting Fake News

The world’s biggest fact-checking website aims to contribute to global conversations by helping people distinguish between fake news. Established in 2006, PolitiFact rates the accuracy of statements given by officials in the United States. Although it produces an average of…

customer experience

Are companies equipped to excel in customer experience?

Living in this new digitally driven age has presented both businesses and consumers with more challenges and more opportunities. With customers bombarded by the chaos of thousands of brands daily, the core test remains; differentiation through service excellence (customer experience)….