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Venture at 10: Khaled Toukan

Khaled Toukan, Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) Date of the Interview: May 2014 In May 2014, just as the debate around Jordan’s nuclear power program was reaching its zenith, Venture spoke to Khaled Toukan, chairman of the JAEC….


Venture at 10: Omar Razzaz

Omar Razzaz, Former Chairman of the Privatization Evaluation Committee Date of Interview: May 2014 After many suspected major mistakes were made during Jordan’s controversial privatization drive, the government formed the Privatization Evaluation Committee in 2013. A year-long investigation led by…


Venture at 10: Kristina Kostial

Kristina Kostial, Former International Monetary Fund Mission Chief for Jordan Date of Interview: August 2015 To overcome persistent economic shocks, in 2012 Jordan successfully sought out a loan from the IMF in return for introducing a series of tough economic reforms….

Total Jordan Managing Director Adil Ouriaghli

Total on Top

French oil giant Total is confident it can stay at the forefront of the far-reaching liberalization drive underway in Jordan’s fuel market. By Dina Al-Wakeel With the entrance of international companies like Total breaking the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company’s (JPRC)…

RUDAIN KAWAR, CEO of Kawar Group of Companies

Venture at 10: Rudain Kawar

Rudain Kawar: CEO of Kawar Group of Companies Date of Interview: November 2006 The Kawar family is one of the few Jordanian families that can claim to have almost singlehandedly pioneered a series of major industries in the first half…

Bahaa Hariri, Horizon Chairman

Venture at 10: Bahaa Hariri

Bahaa Hariri, Horizon Chairman Date of Interview: April 2008 The Hariri name is synonymous with construction and real estate development in our region. Bahaa Hariri, who inherited his father Rafik’s banking, real estate tourism, telecommunications, and media ventures in 2005,…

Venture at 10: Fadi Ghandour

Fadi Ghandour, Former CEO of Aramex Date of Interview: April 2013 After three decades as CEO of Aramex, the logistics company he founded in 1982, Fadi Ghandour surprised the business world when he announced he was stepping down. In recent…

MAZEN DARWAZEH-MENA CEO of Hikma Pharmaceutical

Venture at 10-Mazen Darwazeh

Mazen Darwazeh: Vice-Chairman and MENA CEO of Hikma Date of Interview: October 2013 Hikma is one of a handful of Jordanian companies that can truly be considered world class. In the first half of 2013, its revenues reached $638.3 million….

Venture at 10: Sabih Al Masri

Venture at 10: Sabih al-Masri

April marked the tenth anniversary of Venture. Over the past decade, we’ve strived to capture and convey the many events and issues that have combined to shape Jordan today. While Venture has been on the newsstands, we’ve witnessed our economy boom…

EMP Jordan CEO Hassan Mayassi

Embracing E-Payments

Set up to deliver electronic payment services to banks, retailers, governments, and the general public, EMP is now working to turn Jordan into a cash-free society. Changing any society’s habits takes time. Encouraging consumers to switch from using cash and…