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Loay Malahmeh, Founder of 3Dmena which oversees Fab Labs

Building Tomorrow

Jordan is about to get its first set of Fab Labs, community makerspaces which offer everyone the chance to use hi-tech manufacturing tools to create pretty much anything. By Laith Abou-Ragheb What if anyone with a great idea for a…

SOFEX 2016

SOFEX 2016

Jordan’s defense know-how will likely take center stage at this month’s SOFEX special forces expo. Founded in 1996 by HM King Abdullah, the Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference—otherwise known as SOFEX—has become a huge draw for the global defense…

Kamal Alhmoud

Gardens in the Sky

With scant few green spaces in our increasingly crowded cities, a new company is using cutting edge horticulture to create gardens on our roof tops. By Camilla Caraccio Jordan is not well known for its lush nature, and the rapid urbanization…

Theeb film cast

Theeb’s Oscar Bump

Although Jordan’s film industry is still nascent, the Royal Film Commission (RFC) now hopes the wave of publicity generated by the Oscar-nominated Theeb will further highlight the huge potential for movie making in the Kingdom.     By Rebecca Irvine     The…


Venture at 10: Zain and Orange

Zain and Orange Date of Interviews: Zain’s CEO Ahmad Hanandeh in January 2012, and Orange’s CEO Jean-Francois Thomas in February 2013 As dominant players within the important telecoms sector, the CEOs of Zain and Orange have frequently voiced their opinions…


Venture at 10: Samih Toukan

Samih Toukan, Cofounder of Date of Interview: July 2009 Maktoob, the first social network in the Arab World, was one of the first to exploit the new medium of the Internet as it was launched in the early 2000s….


Venture at 10: Khaled Toukan

Khaled Toukan, Chairman of the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) Date of the Interview: May 2014 In May 2014, just as the debate around Jordan’s nuclear power program was reaching its zenith, Venture spoke to Khaled Toukan, chairman of the JAEC….


Venture at 10: Omar Razzaz

Omar Razzaz, Former Chairman of the Privatization Evaluation Committee Date of Interview: May 2014 After many suspected major mistakes were made during Jordan’s controversial privatization drive, the government formed the Privatization Evaluation Committee in 2013. A year-long investigation led by…


Venture at 10: Kristina Kostial

Kristina Kostial, Former International Monetary Fund Mission Chief for Jordan Date of Interview: August 2015 To overcome persistent economic shocks, in 2012 Jordan successfully sought out a loan from the IMF in return for introducing a series of tough economic reforms….

Total Jordan Managing Director Adil Ouriaghli

Total on Top

French oil giant Total is confident it can stay at the forefront of the far-reaching liberalization drive underway in Jordan’s fuel market. By Dina Al-Wakeel With the entrance of international companies like Total breaking the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company’s (JPRC)…