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Khalid Wazani is the Strategy and Knowledge Adviser to the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation in Dubai. Contact him on:
refugee crisis

The Refugee Crisis: Don’t Forget Jordan

Europe’s refugee crisis shouldn’t blind the international community to the heavy economic toll the Syrian conflict is having on Jordan. By Khalid W. Wazani Two years ago, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation joined forces with the United Nations…

refugee crisis

Where are the Women in the Workforce?

If we’re really serious about improving our economy over the long-term, many more women will have to join the workforce. By Khalid W. Wazani Although Jordan’s population is almost equally divided between males and females, women are substantially underrepresented in…

refugee crisis

Economic Reform: Are We on the Right Track?

As the government has learned from its deal with the IMF, ill-conceived economic reforms can often do more harm than good. By Khalid Wazani Economic reform is a process that should be evolutionary not revolutionary, gradual not instantaneous, comprehensive not…