Monthly Archives: August 2020

The Country

The Country Has A Task Ahead To Lure Global Investors

Jordanian Prime Minister Dr. Omar Al Razzaz, during his visit to the Ministry of Planning and international Cooperation in the first week of July, claimed that the financial support “represented in the direct loans and financial aid my country is…

communications industry

MENACOM: Shaping Jordan’s Communications Industry

Relja Jovic, CEO of Menacom, on innovation, global digital trends, and leading Jordan’s communications industry. On a global scale, few sectors witness the kind of fast-paced, rapid-fire evolution that has become a hallmark of the communications industry. From the neck-breaking…

Going Digital

Going Digital to Thrive

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the way in which we live, work, keep in touch, and shop for essentials, going digital is more important than ever. ICT infrastructure is the foundation of the digital world, and digital technology supported by…