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Deloitte 2016 Middle East: Virtual Reality to Become Billion Dollar Niche

In its 4th year of releasing TMT predictions with specific relevance to the MENA region, Deloitte continues to supply industry insights based on deep analysis, built around meetings with industry experts and field executives, as well as Deloitte’s proprietary programs…

Gemalto Jordan e-ID card

Gemalto Chosen to Introduce e-ID Program

International digital security firm Gemalto said it’s been selected by the Ministry of ICT to implement a new citizen ID program across Jordan. Amsterdam-based Gemalto said in a statement it’s been tasked with delivering e-ID cards as well as automatic…

Ala Suleiman, Cofounder of Masmoo3

Telling Stories

Through Masmoo3, Ala Suleiman seeks to build an audience for Arabic audio books. By Camilla Caraccio After spotting a gap in the Middle East’s publishing market for listening to stories on-the-go, Ala Suleiman joined his sister in founding Masmoo3, the…

Hacking Habits

The hyper-complexities of today’s interconnected world require us to adapt to life’s changing contexts and grow in meaningful ways to actualize our potential. This in turn requires objective examination of our habits, especially the negative patterns of thought and behavior….

Nuclear Research Reactor

First Research Reactor Set to be Activated by September

The Kingdom’s first research and training nuclear reactor is expected to go on line by September at the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in Irbid. Construction of the 5-megawatt reactor, which is being built by the Korea Atomic Energy…

fake news

Making the Pledges Count

Jordan was thrown a lifeline at February’s international donor conference for Syrian refugees. But for the billions of dollars pledged to make a lasting impact, they must be spent on genuine long-term economic development. By Osama Al Sharif We could all…

Logistics Software for All

While global logistics companies like FedEx probably have the resources to develop their own in-house data processing systems, this option might not be available to less monolithic rivals. Cofounded by Ibrahim Naouri’s son, Kareem, LogistaaS aims to provide simple-to-use and…